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Participating Departments

Why Attend?

  • Live chat with graduate advisors about our engineering graduate degree programs
  • Live chat with current engineering graduate students to learn more about the student perspective of graduate life at Texas A&M
  • Find out more about graduate admissions, degree plans, faculty, research opportunities, funding opportunities, and academic and student life

The Texas A&M College of Engineering is a globally-recognized institution, with our graduate programs ranked 8th among public institutions (U.S. News & World Report, 2020). We offer 15 graduate programs, with many nationally ranked, and we want to provide opportunities for students around the world to learn more about what Texas A&M can offer and what it means to be an Aggie Engineer.

Texas A&M’s Aggie Network is unlike any other, and the opportunities and resources we can provide will enhance the value of your engineering degree. We believe it is a special experience to earn a degree at Texas A&M, which is why we have developed a virtual fair and created an opportunity for you to speak with our graduate advisor team and learn more about what the Texas A&M experience is all about.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is your opportunity to chat with Texas A&M graduate advisors about anything related to Texas A&M’s graduate school.  Our advisors can fill you in on department-specific admission expectations, facilities and labs, funding, research, student organizations, and more. For a list of graduate programs represented at our fair, see this list.
Yes, you will need to register to attend the event.
Each participating department will have two advisors available to chat. Our graduate advisors are frequently thought of as the first point-of-contact for everything related to their respective graduate degree program. They are knowledgeable about every aspect of their program, including their admission requirements, faculty, labs, funding opportunities, and more. Departments vary in what they are looking for in students and what they can offer to you, which is why the graduate advisor is the best person to ask for specifics. In addition to having graduate advisors at this event, we will also have a booth manned by current students to provide you with the student perspective of graduate life at Texas A&M.
Often times, students chat with university representatives who are knowledgeable about the university as a whole, but they may not have specific knowledge about individual departments. Each graduate advisor represents one department, and therefore, they are incredibly knowledgeable about everything related to that department. The opportunity to chat with our graduate advisors before you arrive on campus is invaluable, as they can fill you in on department-specific admission expectations, facilities and labs, funding, student organizations, and more. Our graduate advisors are the best people to talk to when you want to know the small details about a program that make it unique.
Yes. While our graduate advisors will only be available for the advertised times, you may still login to the event for 30 days and look at any booth materials they have uploaded for you.
Yes. You may log-in to the event at any point while the event is live and chat with our graduate advisors. After the event ends, you may still log-in and access the materials at their booths for 30 days.
We currently do not have any on-campus events planned. You can schedule campus tours here.

We do have an undergraduate research program that is open to domestic undergraduates interested in graduate school. This program provides the opportunity for students to work with Texas A&M researchers, and we provide housing, a scholarship, and a travel stipend. Read more about how to apply here.